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Bari, December 2009. A triple homicide in the city centre two days before Christmas and the discovery, a week before, of a middle-aged woman’s corpse in one of the city’s parks catapult inspector Andrea Pantaleo into a double investigation with a totally unpredictable outcome. But it is Gianrico Salvemini, the Provincial Deputy Chief of Police, to call Pantaleo to the scene of the triple homicide. Something behind the brutal crime has terrified the Deputy Chief. Something from his past. The dead of the present and those of a nightmare started many years before are somehow connected. A nightmare that can be interrupted only by Andrea Pantaleo, an experienced inspector who grew up devouring Sherlock Holmes and Ellery Queen detective novels…



Only a few months after its publication on (Italy), the crime book “LA LOGICA DELLA FOLLIA” met with sudden success captivating tens of thousands of Italian readers. The same occurred for the following four books of the INSPECTOR PANTALEO MYSTERIES. In the light of this unexpected and considerable interest, author Claudio Calabrese decided to launch his crime books in the international market hoping to intrigue readers worldwide, starting from Book 1 – “THE LOGIC OF MADNESS.”

In less than one year, The Inspector Pantaleo Mysteries series (three books) have sold more than 45.000 copies owing simply to word-of-mouth, including many Italian readers living abroad (the United States included). During the same period, more than 6.500.000 pages of the three books were read on Amazon kindle. These are the figures of a self-published author on Amazon who has been gaining a growing reputation with readers not only in Italy, but also worldwide.

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